In partnership with Spinoza International, GoBusiness offers a new solution of protection and wealth management that respond to the demands and threats of a changing world.


Evolutio is the solution that allows, in a integrated way, to have:


  1. Life Insurance, with death coverage and minimum guaranteed income;
  2. Credit Line or Dedicated Fund, with insurance certificate in collateral;
  3. Credit Line or Dedicated Fund with a higher value than the premium paid to have the insurance life.



Advantages - Succession


  • The beneficiaries are predefined, in a easy way (by contract) and receive their share value in the date of the insured person death;
  • Possibility to change the beneficiaries at any time (with a simple intentions letter);
  • Beneficiaries relation  is protected by the insurer confidentialiy;
  • The beneficiaries can be individuals or legal entities;
  • The solution (Universal Life+iLife+Top-Up) remains outside the declaration of heirs.


Advantages - Tax Optimisation


  • The premium paid by individuals is tax exempt;
  • The premium paid by legal entities may be tax exempt, depending on the entity’s jurisdiction;
  • The taxation lies exclusively on capital gains related to early redemptions;
  • Tax exempt in the succession process;
  • iLife + Top-UP (Dedicated Fund/Unit-Linked):
    1. Horizontal compensation of capital gains;
    2. Vertical compensation of capital gains;
    3. Special taxation regime of the insurances redemptions capitalization (28% until the 5th year; 22,4% until the 8th year; 11,2% after the 8th year);


Advantages - Tailor-Made (Flexibility)


  • Customised solution with option of using different modules (with credit, with a permanent periodic rent) ajusted to the needs of every client;
  • All the jurisdictions: the Universal Life solution is available to investors all around the world;
  • The premium payment can be accomplished from a bank account in every country of the world;
  • The premium can be paid by individuals or legal entities;
  • In the iLife and Top-Up options:
    1. Automatic credit;
    2. Free choice of the insurance companies, depositary banks and management entities;
    3. Competitive financing rate: up to 1%;
    4. Dedicated Fund leverage up to 50%;
    5. Permanent periodic rent (monthly, quarterly, annually).
  • Partial/total redemption, easy and at any time.


Advantages - Confidenciality and Safety


  • It is an internationally recognized solution (legal and safe structure worldwide);
  • There exists insurer confidentiality (Universal Life) – investors identity protection;
  • The professionalism and stability of Canada is recognized;
  • Canada as a country is one of the most:
    1. Stable (political and legislatively);
    2. Financially secure (rating: AAA, stable);
    3. Developed in the world (3rd place in the Human Development Index).
  • The insurance company has an AA rating;
  • Death coverage + Minimum rate guaranteed: 2,5% per year;
  • Early redemption guaranteed;
  • Option (iLife + Top-Up + Premium Insurance): European insurance company and depositary bank, off-balance assets in the insurance company and the bank.

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