Gobusiness solutions for wealth protection


In terms of wealth protection, Gobusiness identifies 23 wealth threats, organized in 4 main areas: Economic and Political Context, Business Context, Privacy and Confidentiality and Inheritance and Succession.


GoBusiness offers a wide range of solutions for wealth protection. These solutions can be used individually or combined together, with a single purpose: to find the safest solution and that best adapts to the needs of each client.




Economic and political threats (9): country, currency and monetary policy risk, fiscal policy, safety of financial institutions, bankruptcy of banks, banks bail-in, asset and account managers and globalization.


Privacy and confidentiality threats (5): private life, control and confidenciality, public exposure, real estate assets and philanthropy.


Business context threats (5): collateral (mortgages), personal guarantees, internationalization, operational organization, business succession.


Inheritance and succession threats (4): life and death, children, a scheduled inheritance and the state and our will.